Well, that went with a whimper

There was ever so much fuss about this little protest back at the start of it, wasn’t there? A nearby MP came on and claimed that the fuckwits protesting were in the right1, despite that being a clear lie.

And then the protesters found out what happens when someone comes up against a big company with a bit of determination and a plan.

Personally, I think that E.ON’s operation was brilliant. The only improvement that I’d have put in would have been carefully deployed water cannon – you can’t beat a water cannon for such things. For three reasons:

  1. Water cannon are very good for pushing back fucktards from fences, and don’t damage the fence.
  2. The hippies need the water. Showers being a concept unknown to them.
  3. High pressure water would do wonders for all the iPods and expensive cameras that said hippies nearly always carry. And they’ll not have charged them from anything other than the mains, will they?

Three reasons, and that’s without the most excellent visual image that high pressure hippy bowling would provide. Wins all round.

1 – I can’t find it online, but the quote I heard from it was something along the lines of “this power station is morally equivalent to piping the exaust from a car into a child’s bedroom” – if I had a list of people who need slapped silly, then Alan Simpson (MP / fucktard) would be on it.

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