Told ya

Many, many moons ago, I mentioned something about organic and fairtrade food. I said that, come recession time, people would stop buying it and concentrate on cheaper staples. And that would be very unfortunate, especially for the fairtraders, because times like that would be the very time when those that fairtrade supposedly helps would need the money the most. That was, I think, reason VII why I wasn’t a massive fan.

Lo and behold, hints at the BBC are lending credence to the first half of my assumption.

Supermarkets are among the relative handful of businesses to have prospered during the recession, as others have struggled to stay afloat.

As household budgets have been cut, shoppers have been seeking out bargains in preference to pricey alternatives. For example, sales of organic vegetables slumped 19% in the past year.

And now, we eat the basics, that taste the same, look the same, have the same nutritional value, and cost a shitload less. Which is nice.

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