Random and damn odd. But it worked, mostly.

Last evening, TLF and I, and some others, went to see one of the random BBC Electric Proms performances. Don’t worry, I took the opportunity to point out that it was silly that the BBC were doing such things, and that they shouldn’t be involved etc etc etc, but since one of the characters involved in the singing was a mate, I thought i should go anyway.

And it was surprisingly good. Better when the Choir stopped being treated as a sideline to a full Doves gig and started being properly involved, because surely the randomness of having 40 Bulgarians doing odd things to the song was the whole point. The random dude on the sitar was also worth seeing. Magazine, less so.

Plus, on the bonus front, at one point yer man Jarvis Cocker (still bearing an uncanny resemblance) was hanging about eighteen inches from us. Which was nice, although he left before one of the girls had an opportunity to pimp out their friends to him.

And now, I’m heading off to St Pancras (again), this time for a tour of bits of Belgium that have recently featured in some comedy dwarf filmage. Should be fun.

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Wish me luck…

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