That was much fun

As mentioned, the past weekend was spent in a small town in Belgium, largely because of the film about it. But it was bloody good fun once we got there.

First off, the B&B was most excellent. Nicely situated, nicely appointed and owned by some really nice people. And the best bit was that breakfast turned up every morning in a massive basket without any interruption. If we go back to Bruges, we shall be staying there again. Oh yes.

Secondly, we knew going out that there would be some nice buildings, a fair bit of really nice chocolate, and a fuckload of really nice beer. All of that came to pass, but more so. The chocolate was excellent, the buildings were really quite something and the beer was… epic. I have found the place where I want to live and die, the place where I want to have my wedding and my wedding list. I have found, in fact, the world’s greatest off licence.

There was also a lot of craic. The six of us ate well and drank well, and there was much nonsense talked about many subjects, some of which we even remembered the following day. We haven’t had a weekend like that in quite some time, but we shall get a repeat performance sooner than that. Oh very yes.

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