There it is…

Given where I work, and where I worked before, I’m spending quite a lot of time getting up to date on swine flu, and all the stuff related to the vaccine related to said flu. Just now, I’m about to head into work where I expect that a box of the vaccine will arrive.

I’m just not sure what to do with it. The advice from suggests that everybody should be getting stabbed with the needle, but other countries disagree.

Women in the Irish Republic have been advised not to take the vaccine within the first three months of pregnancy.

However, the Department of Health in Northern Ireland said all expectant mothers should be vaccinated including those within the first trimester.

I’m not an expert (on just about anything, to be honest), but the people I’ve heard talking about this that aren’t in the UK Department of Health (or have degrees) are concerned about giving anything to women in the first trimester, let alone a vaccine that has no data against most of the concerns raised.

So now I have to go and explain to them that the closest country to the UK has differing advice, and that it’ll be up to their clinical judgement again.

That’ll go down well, honest.

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