I’ve never been a fan of Tony Blair. What with him being a twat, and a deceitful manipulative twat at that, and having the hand on the tiller as the ship of state was run onto the rocks, he hasn’t done himself a lot of favours in my eyes.

That said, he would be a nice figurehead for the EU. Because he’d symbolise the organisation perfectly – lots of talking, lots of lies, a dose of manipulation and generally all round a silly idea.

Gordon, however, clearly didn’t think so. Because we all know that the best way for Gordon to sink anything is for him to offer it his full support. Which is what he did to Blair, with predictable results:

Earlier Gordon Brown said Mr Blair would be an “excellent candidate” but Downing Street is now less optimistic.

The BBC has learned No 10 has signalled that a defeat for Mr Blair’s candidacy is now “a clear possibility”

I do love it when these two fight amongst themselves. It’s only difficult to say which one I’d like to see lose…

Incidentally, don’t you love how the EU has produced another of its famous BackRoomDeals to steamroller the Czechs into accepting Lisbon? Fine outstanding piece of representative democracy, cock-bags…

3 thoughts on “Fantastic

  1. Blair would have made a good figure head. Which is why I am glad he wont get the role now (well, that’s how it looks at the time of writing). Hopefully they will get some European insider to the job and that will be the end of it.

    My main objection to Blair getting the role would be that Cherie would be the First Lady of Europe. And while I dislike Blair, I cannot abide that sour faced oul bitch one bit.

  2. They went an offered an opt out on something to get round a challenge in the constitutional court. Because, I suspect, the language doesn’t hold up to too much actual scrutiny…

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