Who’da thunk it?

Not too long ago, the government (and her chosen charities) were busy telling us that in ten years every other child in the country would be a fatty. And because of that they’d need more healthcare, more social care, be less productive and generally they’d be responsible for bankrupting the country.

As it happens, no. Which is nice.

Forecasts of a huge rise in obesity among children in England have been significantly downgraded following a new analysis of data.

The National Heart Forum found evidence that the rate of increase in childhood obesity may be starting to slow.

Its figures suggest that by 2020 the proportion of boys aged 2-11 who will be overweight or obese will be 30% – not 42% as previously predicted.

Hurrah for that. Or not, as the case may be, because it’s up to people, not the government to try and improve themselves if they want to.

The government, in the meantime, has used their skills in finance and planning to bankrupt the whole nation. Not only for now, but for generations to come.

That’s been a fun thing to watch, hasn’t it?

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