An interesting idea

Lee Clegg (who?) is saying that the Queen’s speech should be cancelled, and replaced with a simple statement of intent to clean up politics.

In theory, that should be something I’d agree with.

However, in years past I’ve rather enjoyed looking at the Queen’s speech, and seeing exactly what the government were planning to do to us. It’s nice to know what the halfwits are up to. Whereas if there is a simple plan to clean up politics, the total fuckwit in charge will not do it properly; he’s apparently of doing anything properly except appearing to be inept.

So I say let him have his agenda read out; he doesn’t have the support within his party to do anything too stupid, and he certainly doesn’t have the time left before he’s out on his ear. Let the hot air blow; it’s better than getting him to concentrate on anything too serious. Because, as we all know, when Brown concentrates on anything, that thing suffers. Badly.

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