There’s the good Apple mindset

I quite like the way that el Reg keeps digging up awkward patents that technology companies are filing.

Apple has filed a patent application for an intrusive ad-presentation system that requires users to acknowledge adverts before getting on with their work.

The recent patent filing carries the unusually straightforward title “Advertisement in Operating System.” The described system would be buried deep in a device’s OS – so deep that, in the words of the filing, “the advertisement presentation can in effect ‘take over the system’ in relevant aspects for a limited time.”

The cult of Apple is getting that little bit more worrying, isn’t it? Not just getting overly broad patents in place for touchscreens and GUI features, now they’re planning to hijack the whole damn computing experience for everybody.

My, amn’t I glad that I had a hellava lot of Apple kit in my office and life just now…

Oh wait… No I don’t. I’ve got naught. Which is nice.

Course, in the bottom of the article they mention that Microsoft is doing the same sort of thing. But you’d expect that; Microsoft doesn’t pretend to be friendly, and if they did nobody would believe them. If we can get rid of some of the horseshit cult around Apple, maybe people will see that they’re no better, or cooler, than MS. And that would make me happy.

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