Good news / bad news

Good news: alcohol (even lots and lots of alcohol) is good for men, according to one survey. Drinking the equivalent of a shot of vodka a day reduces your heart risk by 35%; drinking more than three shots reduces the risk by 50%.

Bad news: same article, some charities run out the usual “alcohol will kill you in other ways” mantra. Using the traditional unit measurement, which we all know as arrived at by cutting open a chicken and reading the entrails while chanting “drink is bad, m’kay”.

Good news: I’ll believe the first one, I think. Because it fits in with what I want to believe.

Bad news: France are a bunch of cheating fucktards. At mass last weekend the priest mentioned the somewhat cheating setup that FIFA went for to ensure that the big name teams would get to South Africa. I’m quite interested in what he’d say this weekend…

2 thoughts on “Good news / bad news

  1. Sheesh! No wonder you attend mass regularly (two weeks in a row) if you get sports commentary instead of dreary sermons.

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