Nails / coffins

The appointment of an EU President and Foreign Minister without bothering to ask anyone from the public happened yesterday. And with that move, another little nail went into the coffin of EU democracy.

The EU hasn’t really ever been about democracy; it’s always been more about the leaders of countries (which, to be fair, have been democratically elected) collaborating with each other to screw their populations over in order to benefit a few people. You can tell this by the way that EU leaders do their damnest to avoid asking the public anything, for fear that they’ll answer incorrectly.

And now, the 27 heads of state just put one of their own into place. And one of the UK’s most loyal never-held-an-elected-position bureaucrats as foreign minister.

My only hope is that, now the Belgians have lost their PM, they go about falling apart again. So that the rest of the world can see that governments are actually detrimental to the good running of a state…

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