Well, duh

Shocking new today:

The Human Genetics Commission (HGC) wants the police given new guidance to regulate when it is appropriate to take a sample of DNA.

It also said it had evidence police had made arrests just to get people on the database, a claim police chiefs denied.

Of course police chiefs denied it; they’re too busy saying they’ll quit if politicians get control over the police, and acting exactly as politicians tell them to in changing us from citizens to suspects.

It’s pretty clear when you look at the numbers that the increasing size of the DNA database shows that many more people are being arrested than are being charged. There are millions of records on it, and hundreds of thousands of children’s DNA are in there too. Have all of them been suspected of a crime, or have a proportion of them merely been standing nearby and offered the authorities an opportunity to grab their DNA?

I’ll wager that there’ll be nothing written down, but that most forces have an understanding that increasing the number of records on the database is good for them. And we all know that what’s good for the police, what makes life easier for the police, is in our interest. Right?

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