In which I have no shame

I am occasionally accused of being a snob. Evidence produced for this has been put forth:

  • I am critical of JK Rowlings writing style, although I enjoy the books.
  • I cannot help but think that boybands are a tad silly.
  • I think that the X-factor is proof that Satan walks amongst us and that he wears big trousers.
  • Twilight is not a good series of movies, and I say so.
  • The Da Vinci Code is neither a good book or a good film, and again I say so.

However, I take those things to mean that I have some taste, rather than I’m an elitist. After all, I’m clearly a fan of poorly written sci fi, and that isn’t a snobby thing. But my main evidence is this:

I really quite liked 2012.

Yes, it was formulaic. Yes, the plot was absurd. Yes, the physics of flight as demonstrated are not the physics of flight in this world. But it was entertaining, and that’s what I want from a silly movie.

‘course, for an Emmerich film there was really too little in the way of New York being destroyed. Sort it out, Roland…

Also, it is not known if TLF felt that this was a fair swap, but I think that I’ll have to choose something much more ridiculous next time…

4 thoughts on “In which I have no shame

  1. True about Rowling. Her writing style stinks. Ditto Brown – both very irritating scribes.

    Twilight – not for the likes of me. Boybands – not my kind of music and ditto The X Factor.

    2012 – don’t know what it is but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    But if you like Kylie you’re not elitist. Do you like her? Any aspect of her?

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