Life as an abandoned car, day 15

I remember something about a study from a couple of years ago that showed people were more likely to behave badly in areas that were a bit run down; in exactly the same location, people would be more likely to litter if there was graffiti and that sort of thing. Which is why I’m getting interested in a little happening that I see twice a day.

My walk to work takes me along something called a “red route“, in which cars aren’t supposed to stop at all during rush hour. Nice and sensible idea, probably, considering that it’s a bloody busy road and it’s not exactly wide enough for the traffic it carries.

Two weeks ago, there was a car parked along this road on my morning walk. On the way back, nine hours later, there was a ticket on it.

The next day, more tickets.

Day five, and another little notice arrives on the windscreen saying AUTHORISED FOR REMOVAL.

Day seven, someone scrapes this notice off, and nothing has happened to the car.

Day ten, still nothing. I notice that the tax disc has expired.

Day twelve, the rear and nearside windows are put in. Still no sign of any movement.

We’re now into day fifteen, and I’m wondering what the hell is happening to it. If we were in Belfast it would have been burnt out by now, but over here that doesn’t seem to be particular on the cards. Still, it’s blocking traffic, it’s the only really dilapidated thing on my walk, and none of the fifteen million traffic wardens in this area seem particularly bothered.

It’s interesting to see what goes on when someone just ignores the rules, isn’t it?

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