Which decade are we in again?

I was wandering through Lewisham – as you do – the other day, when I noticed something a little bit odd. Namely, this:

That, ladies and gentlemen, looks to me suspiciously like a WW2 air raid siren. At the edge of one of the small little town centres that make up London, near a brand new police station and not a lot else. Yet I’d say that it pre-dates the police station.

So, what do you think? Has it been there since the war, or has it been put there more recently? And if that is the case, why, and why there? After all, the police station used to be an Army & Navy department store, and I doubt it was installed to let people know about the sales…

And, for a further point, does anyone know where you’d actually find the answers to such questions? Just to satisfy my nosiness, obviously.

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