And there goes the paypacket

Yesterday, myself and TLF found ourselves in Hastings, of all places. We were visiting several of her family, and such visits tend to take the form of an expedition to the local shops. This was. of course, enough to excite me almost to death; there’s nothing I like more than a trip round the high street with the aim of looking at things rather than buying them1. But the craic was good, and I was enticed to behave with promises of an actual interesting shop at the end of the trip.

And lo, there was just such a shop. In fact, it was a second hand book shop; the sort that is definitely linked up to the L-space web; the kind of shop where the staff have signed up to work there purely because they get to read the books for free; the type of establishment where time means nothing and money loses all relevance.

What, I could get all of that series for a tenner…

No way is that sitting there for 50p…

Hang on, that has been on back order on Amazon for ages

So, my discretionary spending for the month will, it seems, have gone on books.


1 – Note: may contain traces of sarcasm.

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