Something that is obvious in retrospect

I’ve mentioned (many, many times) that I’m not a fan of Apple. I don’t like the styling, and more than that I don’t like the attitude of the company and of those that evangelise for it. No, you’re not a fucking “genius“, you’re tech support and with a pretty narrow range of tech to support. That sort of thing.

But it seems that there may be another reason I’m not massively a fan, and another reason why I’m perfectly happy with my not-an-iPhone.

Does this surprise anyone? New research shows that your choice of smartphone reflects your political persuasion: Left-wingers, it seems, favour the iPhone – while those on the Right prefer BlackBerrys.

I don’t have any love for either the right or left in California politics, but I do know which side I have less love for on the big issues. And that fits with this little survey.

But does the survey result hold for other Apple products? Do Apple owners have much in overlap with deranged lefties? Do they both, for example, feel all warm and gooey when they’re offered another slice of same from the paternalistic organisations they worship?

I dread the answer, really…

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