Nearly back

Well. First off, I will not be IP banning Chez for the hijacking of the comments on the previous post, because it’s not really enough, is it? I mean, not if I’m the only one with FTP access to his blog, anyway…

Anyway. I’m currently sitting in a hotel in Tucson, Az. I haven’t had a wander through the blogroll yet, because I’m lazy. The last week has been good, mainly involving driving round Arizona in this. We’ve covered some 2,100 miles, all round Az, into New Mexico, Nevada, and California. In a 180bhp V6. US V6 makes me a very happy boy. The fact that it was attached to an automatic gearbox that was, simply, shit couldn’t erase the fun of hacing 180 brake to fuck about with.

Of course, the fact that it was in a bodyshell which could double as an ocean going yacht was a factor. I mean, Ive seen vans smaller than this car. I love it!

Anyway, I’m away to bed. I have the joys of LAX to navigate tomorrow. I’ll leave you with a couple of lines from Faithless:

America’s big, you’d love how they pile up your plate
Only place in the world even I can gain weight

It’s true! It’s so true!

0 thoughts on “Nearly back

  1. Dunno if i met you or not chez,i was only over once for eds 21st but that was 3 days of not remembering stuff and ignoring the bank balance when i got home

  2. I’ll level with – I don’t remember. It’s possible…

    I’m more disappointed that Ed checked his blog before I managed to get the comments into triple figures.

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