Fighting the silly fight

There’s something about the campaign to save 6music that annoys me.

It may be the way that people keep bringing out the platitude that the BBC is doing things that nobody else does, ignoring the fact that pirate radio is nothing but DJs playing what they want; playlists only happen in the UK because the BBC want them to, so it’s hardly a big thing that one twentieth of their output on one twentieth of their stations isn’t playlisted.

It may be that the people who are campaigning for it to be kept seemingly outnumber the people who actually listen to it; it’s the same as the Daily Mail outrage scandal things where fifty people complain about something that only three people witnessed.

Or it may be that the BBC is going for the Red Arrows defence; when faced with the prospect of budget cuts, the RAF always said that the Red Arrows would be the first thing to go, and no government would want to say that they killed the Red Arrows. So the BBC may be trying to get a big enough momentum in front of them to make sure that nothing is cut in the end.

The thing is, I don’t care about 6music, or most of the BBC stations. I think that out of the five main national BBC radio stations, there is really only enough content for two or three. So cuts need to be made, and someone needs to decide where. In the face of a world where we can all decide when we’ll listen to the radio, having stations that are on 24 hours a day is unnecessary.

So cut something, and stop with the worthy play-acting. It’s getting vexing.

3 thoughts on “Fighting the silly fight

  1. Sack Moyles – he is on TV now anyway – his wages would pay for 6music to keep going – which by the way is a good thing as anytime i have listened to it the music etc has been simply awesome.

    Plus would be god publicity – getting rid of an overpaid DJ to ensure the jobs of a multitude of minions

  2. I’ve nothing against Moyles, except that during the period of the day when I have radio 1 on all I get is him and his ‘chums’ blathering nonstop about irrelevant trivialities. So much for it being a music radio station. Some times it seems like they almost delight in their ignorance.

    I’m not sure it’s physically possible to be inspiring at half past six in the morning, but it’s a nice idea, eh?

  3. IVe nothing against Moyles either but the inane chatter does get a bit tiresome, plus the endless repetitive playlist that starts at 6.30 and ends at about 7ish monday to friday.
    The benefit of 6 Music is that you would never know what the next song would be – a great way to hear something that you have never heard before, quite possibly by someone who isnt chums with Fern, Moyles, or one of the other DJs

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