Sounds like it should be fun

One of the things you hear about the people who go on school shootings is that they sometimes can’t really distinguish between their fantasy reality and their surroundings. So they don’t see that their school isn’t an extension of their gaming, or their stories, or whatever.

Seems to me like the people complaining about this business have a similar inability going on.

Australians have expressed outrage that a company which uses schools for weekend war games has promoted them as being “perfect killing fields”.

One parents’ association described the promotions, in the state of Queensland, as totally inappropriate.

Let’s be clear: the company is basically talking about laser quest here. Which is just a fun game, in which you don’t even get bruised. Their literature is just that: stories to get people interested in playing a grown up game of tag.

And I don’t see a problem in it. Hell, back in my younger days (anything up to about 27, really), I often found myself in buildings wondering just how good they’d be at hosting paintball. Belfast Odyssey Pavillion, for example, would be good from a sniping point of view, but less good for getting up close work done. Warwick Students Union would be excellent for mixing both kinds of work, but would also be too easy for those of a camping persuasion. That sort of thing. And yet, I never once actually went mad with a gatling gun in either of these buildings.

Maybe, perhaps, that’s because I’m not a moron who equates playing with reality. But that apparently puts me in the minority…

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