Very exciting

Well, isn’t it nice that HBO are doing their bit for the NIrish economy?

US broadcaster HBO is to begin filming its epic fantasy adventure series Game of Thrones in Belfast in June.

The series pilot was filmed at locations around the city.

Nine more programmes based on the first book of George R.R. Martin’s multi-volume A Song of Fire and Ice series have now been commissioned.

Yes, they’re making a TV series of the first of the Song of Ice and Fire books, which could be very interesting. It’s a most excellent (if fucking complicated) series of books, and if any TV company could make it work, then my money is on HBO doing it properly.

The only problem is that if they plan on making the whole series of books into shows, then they’ll have to get Mr Martin to hurry up. I mean, it’s been five years since the last instalment, and he’s running the risk of never finishing the damn thing. Which would be bad. As I’ve been saying for most of those five years:


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