Where did that come from

TLF walks down a fairly major road in central London on her way to work on the morning; one among many thousands walking from the rail terminus to the office buildings in the middle of the capital.

I, of course, could pick her out of these hordes. But I’m not sure that most people would; she tends to keep her head down on these walks. But the other day, someone did pick her out of the crown. Of maybe five hundred people on that stretch of pavement, they headed straight for her and thrust a flyer into her hand. They’d clearly decided that she, out of everyone there, was the target audience for their product.

Their product being, er, random sex parties.

This causes concern. What are people up in the capital seeing as my beautiful lady walks by, eh?

One thought on “Where did that come from

  1. You sure that she is telling you the whole story? ;)

    Seems a bit random.. I’d say the Gods are smiling on you my son :)

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