It’s the simple things in life that please me, it really is. And today there are many reasons to be cheerful:

  • It’s April 1st, meaning that we’re into a new fiscal year. Meaning that all the targets that we could meet have been met, and that we can stop worrying about it for a little while.
  • It’s Holy Thursday, meaning that Lent is all but over, meaning that there is impending chocolate. A little box of Maltesers is sitting waiting for a damn good devouring…
  • It’s Holy Thursday, meaning that tomorrow and Monday are days off. Four day weekend! To quote a certain Sweary Lady, Thank you Jesus!
  • Related to the four day weekend, I get to spend it all with TLF. Which is always nice.
  • It’s a bit chilly outside, meaning that I get to do my quick march to work in cold, crisp air. I like that.

So, why are you cheerful today? And if you’re not, why?

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