Bumper money tree crop expected?

Over the last few years, I’ve taken the time and effort to go through the Queen’s Speech and say what I think of the governments agenda for the coming year. And I tend to not think a lot of the agenda, what with the majority of the laws proposed being badly written, of dubious benefit and of a definite anti-freedom theme.

I had thought I’d do the same to the Labour Manifesto when it was released yesterday. But after reading a couple of the points, I was too dispirited to even consider it. Lots of pie in the sky ideas, with no idea of funding and no idea of the social cost of them. Lots of stupid statements that would paint a veneer of accountability to politics while not actually changing anything (I’m thinking of the recall of MPs proposal: does anybody think anything would come of that other than adding expense to injury?). Lots of hot air, and lots of reliance on a magic income stream that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

So I didn’t go through it line by line. Instead I sat in the flat and held my head in my hands, wondering about the loons down the road with their signs in the garden encouraging support for the local Labour candidate. With those policies, I’m not entirely convinced that that would be the way to vote.

For those who are interested, I’m thinking that Monster Raving Loony is the party to get my vote. Hurrah.

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