Myself and TLF were watching a bit of TV last night when an ad came on. Nothing too surprising by itself, but the content of the ad was somewhat annoying.

[sequence of rosettes in various colours] Can’t think who to vote for? Can’t tell the difference? Don’t know about who’s who?

[all shouty]WHO CARES! This week, Heat! has news about Jordan’s boogers and Cheryl’s sore toe!

Yes, all these annoying little gossip mags are going out of their way to endorse ignorance of politics. Apathy, I can understand. Distaste, I fully agree with. But wilful ignorance is just annoying.

Yesterday I was talking with a couple of people who are on easily a hundred and fifty grand a year, and they were unaware of when the election was. And they had no idea of where they were supposed to vote. Gah.

It’s enough to turn a perfectly sane person into a ranting maniac. It’s bad enough that the election is winding me up, but other people not noticing it is winding me up even more…

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