Aw damn it. I forgot

I’m generally not one for terribly worthy causes and their respective days. Earth Day sees me kicking trees and using that little bit more accelerator than is strictly necessary. No Smoking Day sees me tempted to light up a cigarette, despite the fact that I’ve never smoked. Turn-Your-Lights-Off-To-Save-Gaia day sees my house lit up like Christmas tree.

So it was with a heavy heart that I discovered that this week is Walk to Work week. I already do walk to work, where possible I walk from work to meetings and between workplaces. In the eight months I’ve lived here I think that I’ve driven to work a dozen times and taken the bus half that.

So how do I register my non-compliance with this weeks theme? I know – by not walking a step more than is necessary. None of the usual detours over the Heath or to Tesco; no gentle meanders through the more picturesque streets. Just a straight slog from the flat to the desk, and make it abundantly clear that I’m only doing it because I normally do, not because it’s a fad to.

That should show my lack of support quite clearly. Hurrah.

3 thoughts on “Aw damn it. I forgot

  1. “The bike”? You talk in the singular, sir. I currently have three. One, admittedly, would be best off in a museum. Another has just been sold and is to be collected shortly. Then, of course, is the bike. Our Lady of Victory. One thousand and fifty cubic centimetres of fuel injected joy. My little rocket. Bless her, and all who ride her.

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