Hobbits wanted

Blimey. This whole Game of Thrones thing is getting serious.

Starstruck amputees are being offered a golden opportunity to be on television.

A Northern Ireland casting company is looking for amputees to take part in epic fantasy adventure series, Game of Thrones, which is being filmed in Belfast.

Local company, Extras NI, also wants a lot of dark, hairy people for the production to begin in July.

US broadcaster HBO, the company that produced the Sopranos, Sex and the City and Rome, is behind the project based on the books by George R R Martin.

The casting instructions are clear; men who want a part as an extra should keep growing their hair and their facial hair immediately and be prepared to leave it that way until January 2011.

I’d be well up for it, except that I’m not in a position to try growing facial hair for the rest of the year. Apparently I have to try and looking good in photos at some point before then. Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Hobbits wanted

  1. Don’t worry, HE, you’ll be fabulous overshadowed by the Bride. And drowned out by the sound of a million hearts breaking.
    PS Met your excellent relation. Had to explain to her Boss how we knew of each other. Yes.

  2. Ah yes, she mentioned that. Sorry…

    And I’m sure that the million hearts will get over the loss of TLF from the market. Given time.

  3. Start growing the beard after the wedding – just make sure there isnt anything in the pre-nup about it!

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