Blue light watching…

One thing about the whole ‘living in London’ thing that I just ain’t got bored of yet: all the sirens that just keep going. And the random little operations that the cops keep pulling.

See, I’ve always been a little bit geekily interested in those sorts of thing. In fact, this Onion story was clearly written about me.

There, Like, 6 Cop Cars Outside
CHICAGO—According to sources huddled by the window, there are currently, like, six or seven cop cars parked right outside that building across the street over there. The cop cars, which reportedly have their lights on and everything and are definitely there in response to some crazy shit that must have gone down, arrived at approximately 11:37 p.m. While many details remain unclear, especially with Josh refusing to move and pretty much blocking everyone else’s view, sources claim the cop cars are either investigating a major apartment theft thing, totally busting someone—probably the weird dude with a beard—for drugs, or maybe it’s murder, man, do you think it could be murder?

Yesterday, it was three undercover cops stopping people on Lewisham High Street. On Sunday, it was an undercover police car following an ambulance at speed through New Cross.. Last week, it was three undercover cars stopping a bus. It’s all very interesting, and all the more so because Londoners don’t seem to notice.

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