demi-annus horribilis1

The first half of this year has been, in some ways, a little bit crap. Two funerals thus far, and yesterday morning I found out that another one is upcoming. My paternal grandmother, the last of her family, the last of my paternal ancestors and the last of that generation on that side of my family, passed away after a low and slow decline.

It’s a mercy, and it was not a surprise when it came. But it is a sadness and a cause of mourning.

It was also, naturally, a cause of conversation at the table where I was breakfasting with several family members and TLF. And as it happens, a lot of people feel that there are random and unexpected signs at the time a relative dies. One family member apparently woke up at the approximately the time of a family death hundreds of miles away and swore blind that a bee was in the room with them – no other witnesses can corroborate this insect. Others had strange snippets of conversations, others had butterflies doing strange things. It’s fascinating what we notice at such times, and it’s always a welcome distraction from the news of the day.

Not as fascinating as someone present admitting that they spent the last night sleeping in a bath, but still…

1 – Please note the demi- there. In other ways, this has been by far the best year of my life, and should everything go according to plan, even better things are yet to come…

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