On a school night? Oops.

It must be said, Greenwich is really quite a nice place to have a pint in. Yes, Blackheath has some very nice little bars, but Greenwich has The Union (which is scandalously close to my workplace, but I’ve managed to avoid lunchtime shenanigans thus far) and the new place from the same people – The Old Brewery.

Which is why last evening started off with me working in SE London, then heading into the centre of London for the purposes of meeting up with people for a beverage, then heading down the river on a boat1, then continuing the drinking in the new Old Brewery.

Very civilised. And only lightly flavoured by tales of drunken misbehaviour. Fantastico!

1 – Which would be my commuting method of choice, were I in the position of having to travel into London regularly. Much more civilised than the trains, and with extra added serving of beer on board.

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