We’ll let things stay the same and call it victory

Some months ago I commented on an ongoing dispute between Facebook and CEOP. And, back then in April, it appeared that CEOP were losing out in their rather daft demand that everyone in the UK have their online presence invaded by CEOP’s marketing.

And yet, today, CEOP are crowing about their great victory in being offered the opportunity to place ads for their entirely voluntary version of the CEOP button. You know, the one that shows people how to call for help. It is, as far as I could make out from Jim Gamble’s little publicity blitz on t’radio, as useful as a neighbourhood watch sticker. I.e., it’s just there and serves little to no purpose.

Oh, except to give the impression that we’re all suspects and that kids should always be thinking about how best to turn people in. Because, as Mr Gamble says, the paedophile is clever, and we must always assume that everyone on the entire net is actually a paedophile in disguise…

In case you didn’t notice, I’m not entirely a big fan.

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