4 thoughts on “Asked, and answered

  1. I agree with you about comic sans as, for a very short time, I thought it was cute and used it a lot, then it started to nauseate me and I couldn’t figure out why. Now I despise it and I pity and despise the people who (still) use it. Why do you hate it and why do I? Please enlighten me.

  2. And I was only using it for my TO DO lists. Which, of course, I take terribly seriously. Far too seriously to use a comic book typeface.

  3. I found myself using it regularly last year and will probably be doing it again this year too. It is widespread in teaching, sadly, and is supposedly good as can be easily read by most kids so I used it in presentations. I resented using it for the report for the parents though, that was very annoying!

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