Can I arrange a bulk licence?

Rarely is it that I find a piece of technology that I think should be worked in to most aspects of work, but damn it, I have today.

My advice to ANGRY EMAILERS is this: don’t write drunk, arsehole. But if you must, and you lack all self control, check out this anger-o-meter. It may save you from shame, lost friends, lost jobs and found lawsuits, down the line.

Called ToneCheck, this Outlook plug-in ‘identifies and flags “emotionally charged sentences in your email message”. Just like a spellchecker for ARSEHOLES.

The developer, a Canuck firm called Lymbix – tagline: E-mail lives forever. Prevent flame wars and litigation with ToneCheck – cites research that email messages are interpreted incorrectly half the time. In other words, even if you don’t mean to be PISSY, your CRAP WRITING SKILLS REALLY GET UP PEOPLE’S NOSES.

Obviously, being as how I work in an office and with lots and lots of people who work in offices, Outlook is used a lot and many many messages arrive in my inbox from Outlook. So anything that lowers the amount of twattishness in said emails would be a winner.

So my proposal is this: someone contact Lymbix and see how much a bulk licence would cost for, say, everyone in the NHS. And then we put our hands in our pockets, and get that licence bought. Because the world would be a much better place afterwards.

Who’s with me?

One thought on “Can I arrange a bulk licence?

  1. Hey folks –

    If you need to contact anyone at Lymbix regarding ToneCheck or any of our other solutions, feel free to give me a shout via our 1-888-596-2498 x 4 or hritchie-at-lymbix-dot-com.

    Communications Manager, Lymbix Inc.

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