Oh dear. Weird-arse celeb alert

It takes a special kind of arrogance to think that a career in random music is just what it will take to fix a country. And that special kind of arrogance is what young Wyclef Jean has. By the bucketload.

Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean has said he will run for president of the earthquake-hit Caribbean country.

The Fugees star will officially announce his candidacy on Larry King’s CNN show on Thursday, media reports say.

Poor Haiti. First of all, tortured by the French, secondly ruined by the march of time, thirdly utterly destroyed by the earthquake, and now possibly being shat on further by musicians.

Oh well. Better than politicians, I suppose…

3 thoughts on “Oh dear. Weird-arse celeb alert

  1. I have to disagree. You don’t have to be on the public payroll for twenty years to be eligible to run for the highest office of your respective country. Just because he is a musician doesn’t in anyway mean that he shouldn’t run.

    Thatcher was a chemist (well she was a politican before running for the leadership). Regan was an actor (then again he was a politican for a while before).

    However why is he going on a US programme to announce he is running? If this is to highlight how fucked up things are in Haiti then fair enough – am sure he will get more media coverage this way…

    Anyone that wants to become a politican is quite mad in my opinon..

  2. It’s not that I think that you should be a life-long politician to run for office; quite the opposite. I think that real life experience should be much more widespread amongst the political class.

    However, deeply worthy celebrities just annoy me. Especially when they assume that their opinions are equate in any way towards the real world. Hence me quite enjoying Team America, for instance.

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