Most excellent

It has been an occasional happening that TLW and I have gone to the cinema to see something that I had some hopes for but then was massively disappointed by, as the film turns out to be much more a TLW film than one I’d like. Twilight being the worst example.

More rarely, the opposite happens: we go to see a film and TLW is surprised by how much of a me film we’ve seen. Especially when it was expected that we’d be seeing a completely random indie film instead.

Such was the case this weekend, when Scott Pilgrim was the entertainment. I’ll confess, I had an inkling that I’d like it more that I let on, what with it being Edgar Wright being involved, and based upon comic books with computer game references.

TLW was, perhaps, expecting more traditional Michael Cera fare; more of the indie movies that he’s gained fame for. And there was certainly some of that, but more of the Wright influence was apparent – excellent attention to detail and geeky references to things I quite like.

So I ended up enjoying the movie from beginning to end, whereas TLW was perhaps more confused by some of it and entertained by the rest. I suspect, though, that during the many, many viewing of the movie that will happen in the marital home in the years to come, that she will learn to love it as much as I did.

In short: excellent geeky movie. Two thumbs up with a multiplayer bonus.

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