Temptation in motion

A simple thing popped up on my facebook feed last evening:

TLW has decided she wants a kindle…

Now, those who know me would not be surprised to find out that I have tech-lust for the Kindle. It fills a little gap in my geek wardrobe – I’ve yet to find an easy way to carry enough books to keep me properly happy on a long flight. So that’s what I need.

So a fairly reasonable number of hours were spent, idly browsing Amazon and finding out that I could quite easily have spent several hundred pounds: his’n’hers Kindles, matching accessories and a number of books were sitting happily in my Amazon basket before I got a grip and realised that perhaps hundreds of pounds on geekware wouldn’t be sensible 13 days after a wedding…

So, I shall be without a Kindle. For now.

But only for now…

4 thoughts on “Temptation in motion

  1. I read that first ‘kindle’ as ‘kiddie’ and I confess I was shocked. Thought to myself, surely Ed would never use a naff term like ‘kiddie’?

  2. Surprisingly enough, I googled “Avenue Q only for now”. You need an education in musical puppet porn, sir.

    The small room is coming along fine. It is most excellent for drying clothes, you know.

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