My genius for deeply unimportant trivia strikes again

TLW, Middle Sister and I were talking of the sister’s trip to the Carnival recently, when said sister started to tell us of a somewhat startling happening that she witnessed.

Well, me & my friend were sitting on the train when a strange looking guy with hair that looked like it had been plastered with Just For Men took a little trolley into the toilets. We thought nothing of it, but he emerged a couple of stations later wearing an orange tie thingy, a green waistcoat covered with stupid Ireland stickers, a flute band beret and an OBSCENELY short orange skirt. But the really odd thing was that he was wearing an apron with the star of David on it.

Later on, we were walking down a side road, minding our business, when the same guy started playing music from his trolley and then went about doing a piss poor jig, while wearing a sign saying something about dancing for peace.

Damn odd.

At which point, I had a brain wave. Or brain fart, depending on your opinion of useless trivia. Hauld on, he was dancing a peace jig?

Yes. Yes he was.

Which meant that it could only be one person. The man most famous for trying to commit suicide by superbly fast car; the man that thought that saluting Hitler outside the World Cup final would be a good thing to do; the guy that got kicked out of priesthood for writing about the Second Coming, wherein we would all either live for 900 years or rule for 1,000.

Not to put too fine a point on it: this man, as blogged about here.

As it happens, it was that guy. And now sister is off with the wikipedia link in her possession to show to her friend, that they may sit in wonder at the sheer insanity of the man they once shared a train carriage with.

And TLW sits in wonder, and fear, as she realises that my brain works in the way it does… Poor woman.

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