Joining a proud club

Ah, Tony Blair. Now part of an illustrious club; the club that owns a Liberty Medal. For all his hard work in making peace and whatnot in Norn Iron. Never mention that most of the work was done without him, or anything, let’s just concentrate on the prize.

He shares it with Clinton (fair dos, he worked hard on some fronts), Bush 41 (for reasons that escape me), several Judges and the like. And fucking Bono.

I’ve little time for Blair, but to put him on a par with Bono is doing him something of a disservice.

I fuckin’ hate Bono.

2 thoughts on “Joining a proud club

  1. I fuckin’ hate him too… Stateman.. See when Mandela parts this Earth that prick will be all over the place about it… Asshole..

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