Good good

Last evening found TLW and I in Hammersmith, watching Dara O’Briain. Already being an almost-fan of his (he’s always been funny on the likes of QI and HIGNFY, and Mock the Week is excellent), I think that the thing that tipped us over the edge to go an see him was his book.

The word from others who had previously seen him was that the live show was very like his DVDs, but with a) more swearing and b) more interaction. And lo, that’s exactly what we got. Tales of Thor, the lifesaving Welsh child, and the publican that wasn’t entertained for the first half, followed by the most realistic impersonation of Solid Snake ever and a fairly solid debunking of natural birthing theory.

It was all very good. I suspect that we’ll be seeing him again. And maybe buying the DVD, just to see how different Saturday’s show ends up being.

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