What we did on our holidays

As I mentioned, last weekend we went somewhere that involved a flight. In fact, we went to Jersey with a few folk, to repeat previous expeditions.

Unfortunately, this time there was no playing with hand-cannon; nor was there any lounging about on private yachts. Instead, there was eating, drinking, talking, spoiling of pets, more eating, and some random sillyness. For example, I discovered that I’m too heavy to play on the trampolines you find in most activity centres (by about 19 grammes, but still), and that I’m considerably better at laser clay pigeon shooting than actual pistol shooting.

And also that Segways, while not being much in the way of use, are bloody fun.

Also: dogs. I like them. But I don’t know what kind of dog we could get that would be happy in a city, with only a small to mid-size garden, and that would be content to be left to its own devices for the working day. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “What we did on our holidays

  1. An Elkhound might be a bit on the large side for here, although would be interesting. The others are on the list for consideration already, especially the idea of a dopey mutt. To be called Gaspode the Wonder Dog, obviously.

  2. Possibly – i am with you on the cat thing as well however i fear that I may be over ruled on that one – the elkhound is my quid pro quo :)

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