That is a bit of an ‘oops’ moment

Things any government should keep a careful track of:

  • The head of government
  • The head of state
  • The immediate families of the above
  • The keys to the main buildings of government (Parliament, Congress, White House, that sort of thing)
  • The contact details for major military commands
  • The contact details for major allies and enemies
  • The means to arm your nuclear weapons

Bit of a fail on that last front, America…

Under the procedures, an official was sent every month to check the codes, and that they were replaced every four months with new codes.

According to Gen Shelton’s book, Without Hesitation, an official had gone to check one month and been told by the aide that the codes were on the president’s person but that he was in an important meeting and could not be disturbed.

A different official went to do the same check a month later and was told a similar story. When it came time to change the codes, an aide admitted they had been missing for months.

I’m entirely basing this on Tom Clancy and NCIS, but shouldn’t the codes be in a briefcase chained to said aide, rather than “on the president’s person”? What happened to all the entertaining theatrics surrounding it?

Clear fail of the system folks. And surely one that wouldn’t cause any problems at any time, no sirree…

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