Or there could be an old painting locked carefully away…

A little piece in today’s BBC Magazine about Keith Richards got me thinking: how the hell does someone survive 40 years of considerable narcotic intake and stupid actions manage to survive? There are possibilities:

  • He’s wealthy enough and restrained enough that he only buys the good shit and uses it ‘wisely’.
    Fair enough – if he’s smart enough to do that then fair play to him.
  • He has the constitution of an ox and is effectively immortal.
    In which case medical science should be looking very carefully at him…
  • As a music journalist says in the article, “It’s almost as though others die so that Keith Richards may live”
    Again, we should study this and see if there’s a way to target this ability. Maybe use it as a form of corporal punishment – For your crimes I sentence you to provide another three years to the life of Keith Richards sort of thing.
  • Or he’s a modern day Dorien Gray
    In which case we should hunt him down and destroy him.

One thought on “Or there could be an old painting locked carefully away…

  1. Definitely constitution of ox (see also Ozzie Osbourne) also probably always got the good shit.

    Admired this man immensely until started reading excerpts of his ‘memoir’, now think him prize asshole. At least Ozzie can take a laugh at himself.

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