Safe havens dying out

And yet another place where you could be phone and internet free is no more.

It’s happened on planes, and now it’s happening on the tube network (or one of the stations, at least). Soon there’ll be no place where your boss can’t get hold of you, or your Blackberry won’t beep at you. And that’s a shame.

Of course, if you turn the phone off, you’ll not get any calls or emails, but soon your boss will know that you’ve done that – what with the number of places without any reception being steadily decreased.

This makes me sad.

3 thoughts on “Safe havens dying out

  1. Easy. Get a 1990s-era phone that can’t do e-mails, and carefully cultivate a reputation for leaving your phone on silent. Works for me.

  2. Charles: see, I like having the ability to use modern things like “the web” and that, and my phone lets me do it.

    SWM: I could grow a set, yes, but that wouldn’t have had me a blog post, would it?

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