Reasons it is was awesome, Part XII

Battlestar Galactica: one of the best TV shows, ever. Much better than any of the Star Trek franchise, at any rate, and just about level with Babylon 5(1) in my book as the greatest sci-fi show.

One of the reasons? Because so much of the science was eminently sensible.


  • What do you need for close quarter combat? Star Trek has fancy phasers that can magically stun; BSG has guns.
  • Aliens. ST looks a bit foolish because of the poor quality make up and reusing actors as different races. BSG didn’t bother with different races.
  • Space combat using made up technology and anti-matter? Pah. Let’s use souped up antiaircraft guns and nuclear missiles, that’s more sensible.
  • Water tanks and broken bits: things that don’t exist in ST land. Whereas in BSG thing get worn down and need replaced, and water becomes a concern in space.

Plus, the people are people and are believable, not Roddenberry style new-people with unachievable aims and no concept of being selfish. Which is always more realistic.

Hence, me being quite excited by the idea of Blood & Chrome, which should be coming along nicely just now. I need me a good fix of new sci fi…

(1) – Which, happily, is being shown in its entirety on FX. Bonus.

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