Strange choice of targets

It often confuses me that a lot of protests, riots and occupations happen in the daftest of places. For example, the good old ‘civil disobedience’ in Norn Ireland around Drumcree II & III saw vast mobs of people setting fire to their own areas; current student occupations are pretty much solely there to cause disruption to their own universities.

And a bit of anger over council cuts is now being directed at a council that has been Labour controlled for all but seven of the last 46 years.

Four people have been arrested after riot police were called to control a protest which led to demonstrators storming a south London town hall.

Police said trouble broke out at Lewisham town hall on Monday evening after a crowd gathered to protest over council cuts and tuition fees.

Tell you what, a protest like that at Lewisham Town Hall is certain to change the course of the coalition government, isn’t it…


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