New toy alert

Friends of mine are very content with their mobile phones. Some have had the same one since leaving uni; some have had the same one since starting uni over a decade ago. Others got their hands on a work one a decade ago and haven’t released their grip since. 1

I’m not like that. Not at all. It was a little over eighteen months ago that I got my most recent phone. And I was getting bored. So a little call was made, and one of these arrived in the post the next day. Along with a slightly cheaper contract. Hurrah.

lifted from wikipedia

So I now have something that, depending on the reviewer, either wipes the floor with the iPhone 4, is about the same level as it, or is slightly behind it. And is considerably cheaper than it. Result.

1 – Others, naming no LWs, have strange ideas about modern phones and their touchscreens, and have been heard to insist on “old duffer keys” – i.e., a keyboard, much as an old duffer would insist on…

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