Most awesome. I’ll take three.

What does every house need? Yes, you’re right, it needs an aimable beer cannon.

Yes, you saw that correctly. The guy has wired up an air cannon to a fridge and put the control on his mobile phone. So he can now, at the touch of a button, get a beer thrown across the room to him.

I’d like one of those, please.

But the applications don’t end there; there are many things that people would like to be able to have delivered through one of these; beer, snacks, books, blankets. This is a technology with countless potential applications.

I think that the most useful thing to add to it will be voice activation; once that’s taken care of then the sales will come rolling in…

4 thoughts on “Most awesome. I’ll take three.

  1. Blankets. Imagine the market among women who feel the cold, all they have to do is yell blanket and a machine throws one at them.

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