Showing the UK how it’s done

Man, I thought that Gordon Brown was bad; first of all being the finance minister during a massive bubble, getting promoted to PM just in time for the bursting of said bubble and without bothering with any ‘election’ nonsense, being really quite inept and hanging on for much longer than the population wanted him to.

But he’s clearly an amateur. The Irish PM is a master of this; the boom was bigger, the bust was bigger, the demand for an election is higher, the ineptitude is more massive and the hanging on is still going on. Despite the fact that he’s haemorrhaging ministers and absorbing their portfolios, BIFFO is still there and still planning on brazening it out.

Hell, he’s almost as un-likable as Brown as well. Clearly someone has distilled Brown and made an equivalent in the country next door, but couldn’t quite manage to get that much dour Scot into the new model…

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