Trust you to make a decision? Not likely…

Fresh on from yesterdays education of the UK by the stupider side of the Irish state, today we have another example.

A Dublin restaurant has had to pull rare and medium-rare burgers from its menu after it was threatened with legal action.

Jo’burger in Rathmines has been warned by the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) to serve only well-done burgers or prove they can serve undercooked meat without the risk of contamination like E.coli.

That’s a shame, isn’t it? Not being allowed to provide what the customer wants without proving that it’s free of risk of contamination. Which, I’m guessing, requires the filling out of dozens of forms, one or two inspections of each step of the journey from being born to being grilled, and no discernible reduction in risk but makes the bureaucracy happy…

Or your could let people make up their own mind, and accept the risk of illness that goes with undercooking meat. It’s called ‘informed consent’, and it’s a wonderful way to live. And even better, doesn’t require the filling out of any forms at all!

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