Pointlessly awesome

I have a lot of time for people who do things that aren’t safe but just get on with it.The fact that what they’re doing for fun has a risk attached isn’t going to stop them; in a way, I do something similar with helicoptering. But the attitude is pretty well displayed in this guy:

A climber who survived a 1,000ft (305m) fall from a mountain peak says he is planning to return to the hills soon.

Adam Potter, 36, from Glasgow, plummeted down the near-vertical eastern slope of Sgurr Choinnich Mor near Ben Nevis after losing his footing.

Asked if would go back to the mountains soon, he replied: “Yes, hopefully very soon. I was hoping to go again next weekend but I think that will be cancelled. But maybe in a few weeks – I’ll see how the injuries go.

“It was just a little slip which led to a lot more slips… but I could slip on the doorstep at home,” he added.

Well said; yes, he could fall and injure himself again, but he could do so at work too. And lets be honest, who would have the best story to tell in the broken-leg ward of the local hospital?

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